Greetings…to anybody who took time to stop by the website, I am very grateful. My name is Nathan Alan. I come from the beautiful area of Northern Michigan. It is a place I love and am very honored to call home.  Coming from the small town that I do, I have always been on my own when it comes to my music. I take what I know and write about it. My music is very personal to me, and is influenced by my family, friends, and the natural world. Welder’s have their steel; carpenter’s have their wood; we as musicians have our music. It is my trade, it is my passion. In a world where much of the music industry is based on fame and money, all I wish to do is create something that someone, or someone’s, will listen to and enjoy. If you wish, you can expose your ears to my melodies by clicking on the Bandcamp or Soundcloud options under the “About” tab above. Once again I thank you for even reading this. Sending some love from the North.

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